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Shared Renewables/Community Solar and How it Works in Different States

As caretakers of the environment, it is our duty to take part in reducing carbon footprint and reducing fossil fuel consumption. Going green is an ultimate lifestyle change for the better. Making your home energy efficient is simply not enough, the more people you get involved, the more the environment will thank you. A community solar allows several people to benefit from one local renewable energy source. Encourage your community to take part in a community solar and do your part in contributing to the green revolution.

It’s as easy as creating a community vegetable garden. Engage your community to create solar gardens. Community solar is often compared to a community vegetable garden because it allows homeowners, renters, and businesses to benefit from clean energy even if they cannot install on-site solar power due to various economic and location limitations. Under this model, customers buy shares in a solar project operated by a third party. Credits are then deducted from their electricity bills depending on their shares.

Check out these solar community projects

More than 50% of PG&E’s customers want to go solar but cannot do so because they are limited by space, ownership or shading. This community solar program by PG&E will allow their customers to source half or even all of their energy from the sun without installing rooftop solar panels.

In August 2015, GRID received $1.2 million in grant from Colorado Energy Office (CEO) to create a low-income community solar. Additional resources were provided by partnering utilities, private funds and donations. Aside from its energy saving benefits to the community, this projects also gives job trainings in this fast growing industry.

Over 900 solar projects are pending across the New York State. These Solarize campaigns allow communities to lower energy costs while helping the environment. For solar acquisitions under this campaign, an average of $1, 590 was saved per residential or business household. With 575% increase in solar power installations, New York was able to employ more than 8,250 workers in the renewable energy industry.

Learn from these inspiring stories and let your community do its part in saving the environment one solar garden at a time.

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