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Reasons Why You Should Use Green Energy Instead

We’ve already established the fact that going green, especially when it comes to the energy you use at home or for work, is not only better for the environment but also for us and our wallets. Switching to a green energy source—like wind, solar and water—lifts the limit on your usage, which would cost a whole lot if we continued using man-made power and electricity.

Here are the other awesome benefits of turning to green energy, so you no longer have to think twice about making that change!

  • Oil is expensive. You probably already know that. Not only is it expensive, its prices are increasing rapidly. With the need to go about more and more (if not on a daily basis), this means your gas costs are also increasing. Ouch!
  • Oil is limited. That’s basically why it’s expensive—because it’s limited. The cost continues to rise because the more we use it, the more we run out of oil sources around the world.
  • Oil spills are damaging. Poor Mother Earth and water animals! Because we’re hungry for oil sources, oil spills are more frequent. These spills are not only very harmful for us, but also for the environment for its negative effects on organisms and ecosystems around the world.
  • Fossil fuels are running out. Aside from oil, fossil fuels are starting to become scarce, more so in some parts of the world. Fossil fuels are responsible for supplying us with goal, gas, and other sources of energy that we need. Can you imagine what will happen if we ran out of it completely?
  • Electricity costs will decrease. When you tap into a free and unlimited supply of energy instead of electricity, you will be greatly reducing your power bill every month. Why buy when you can make your electricity?
  • Greenhouse gases will reduce. When we reduce our use of electricity and fossil fuels, we also help in reducing the release of carbon dioxide in our environment.
  • Clean energy investments will increase. When you and others make the switch, there will be opportunities for investors to help out in producing and improving sources and acquisition of green energy. This will hopefully cause a domino effect among others who haven’t switched to using green energy.
  • Green energy is inexhaustible. Because these energy sources are renewable and consistent, we don’t have to worry about ruining the environment or running out of major resources for living. At the same time, we won’t ever have to look at limited and expensive resources.
  • Stimulates employment. Patronizing green energy is still fairly new, so it could serve as opened doors for potential employees who can help out in building and maintaining green energy sources that the rest of us can use.
  • Enables us to be independent. Say good bye and good riddance to electric your company—and other companies offering limited (and expensive!) sources of energy. You can keep your costs at a specific, consistent rate with the simple, one-time installment gear required for saving green energy.
  • No conflicts. With green energy, countries can be busy acquiring their own renewable energy instead of having wars over the availability of a limited energy source.

Overall, going green is really a win-win situation—for you, the economy and the environment. We really don’t understand the need to question why we should all make the lifestyle change and treat the world the way it’s supposed to be treated. Make use of what’s made available for you since the beginning of time!

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