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Gila Platinum Heat Control Window Film LES 361 [REVIEW]

When it’s hot outside, people tend to use up a lot more energy than they normally would. The AC would be on full blast the whole day, supplemented by maybe a fan or two. And even when you don’t turn on the AC (because you’re trying to manage your energy bill), you’ll probably end up making any excuse to open your fridge and stand in front of it–which means you’ll still be wasting energy.

Basically, you have a choice between keeping yourself comfortable and consuming more energy, or saving yourself some money and suffering through the heat. And personally, I always end up spending the extra money to keep the house cool, because I simply cannot bear the heat.

But recently, a friend told me about how she had all the windows in her home tinted in an effort to be “more green” and keep the sunlight and heat out, so I thought I’d give that a shot to help trim my energy bill.

After checking out the different window films available on Amazon, I chose the Gila Platinum Heat Control Window Film LES 361–and was surprised at how well it worked. It really does help with heat control. It won’t completely block out the heat, of course, but it will help reduce the temperature considerably by a few degrees.

And if you don’t care much about reducing the heat in your home, installing window film is also great if you just want to block out the sunlight, but not so much that your house is completely dark and void of light.

One thing you should know about this window film is that it can be a little difficult to install–you really need to follow the instructions to ensure that it’s installed properly.

Overall, I believe that the Gila Platinum Heat Control Window Film is a good investment. It will definitely help you conserve energy and save money in the long run.


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