About Us

Welcome to Leafy Energy, the one stop destination for anyone who is interested in learning more about the world of Green Energy.

I suppose that an explanation for Green Energy is in order because your brain may be conjuring images of the Green Lantern with that awesome ring of his, or maybe even a cartoon of people walking around surrounded in a slightly radioactive cloud of green energy. But NO!!! That is not what Green Energy is! In fact it is so far away from Green Energy that if you were to draw a diagram they would be located on opposite ends of the universe!!!

Just to be clear there is absolutely nothing ‘alien’ or remotely supernatural about Green Energy. Although I suppose you could call it ‘Super Natural’!

Green Energy or Renewable Energy has been defined as that energy which is generated by resources that are naturally replaced on a human timescale. This means that the source of the energy is renewed in less time than a single human is expected to live (not more than 80 years). Although as these energy sources include sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat it would be more accurate to say they are resources which are renewed on an almost daily basis.

So that is what this site is all about. We are here to discuss all the different forms of Green/Renewable Energy, the many ways that you can use Green Energy to both save on your monthly bills and save yourself unnecessary hard work. It is also a creative space to share any ideas and suggestions you may have about creating and using renewable energy in your normal everyday life.

So join us as we explore the amazing world of renewable energy and discover the many wonders that our natural world has to offer us if we just take the time to learn. And think a little outside the box!